Selfie: Word of the Year

by Michael Tchongon December 19, 2013
The mobile phone camera has propelled a huge trend around the world, taking pictures of one self in various states of dress or undress. The Oxford University Press paid the ultimate tribute, naming “Selfie” the word of the year. And who was the poster child of the “selfie?” Repeat after me: Anthony Weiner. This U.S. […]

Online Dating

by Michael Tchongon December 19, 2013
You may or may not have met the object of your affection online, but chances are you definitely know someone who has! According to an October 2013 Pew Research study, 38% of U.S. adults who are currently “single and looking” for a partner are using online dating or mobile dating apps as their main method […]
Sony DSC-RX100

Sony DSC-RX100 II Digital Camera

by Michael Tchongon December 3, 2013
If you’re wondering what happened to Canon and Nikon, so do we. In the compact, non-DSLR category, Sony certainly rules, with the Alpha 7 and NEX-5T. And here we have the Sony DSC-RX100 II Digital Camera ($748), which is the most highly regarded pocketable digicam. Sony’s best pocket camera packs plenty of technology into one […]


Woman’s Acceptance Factor

by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
There it was: the umpteenth TV commercial featuring a woman doing the housework. You fill in the brand: PAM, Tide, McCormick’s, or even hip Target — all relegate women to that subsidiary role of “happy homemaker.” You would think the Renaissance thinkers in advertising could come up with something more enlightening. That enlightenment might include […]


by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
When the Zenith Space Command wireless remote control went into production in 1956, few could have predicted that this revolutionary ultrasonic gadget would be a catalyst for a whole new era of wireless controls and devices, and the impending battleground for the couch potato generation. Zenith’s ultrasonic technology has been replaced by infrared or radio […]

Lacie Galet

Digital Lifestyle

by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
Here’s a startling statistic: 69% of children aged 2-5 can operate a computer mouse, but only 11% can tie their own shoelaces. A Tampa 16-year-old jumps in front of a truck to save her iPod. Meanwhile, the U.K. government speculates that robots could one day demand citizen’s rights. Welcome to the Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend, the […]
Nightclub Bartender

Generation X-tasy

by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
They stand in long lines eager to gain entry into one of the city’s celebrated nightclubs. Once they slip by over-sized, 350-pound doormen, they line up again at the bar, where they usually wait three-deep for a chance to scream orders at bartenders who make hundreds of $10 cocktails hourly. Welcome to Tao Las Vegas. […]
UltraShape Contour

Fountain of Youth

by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
In his groundbreaking 1956 book “The Stress of Life,” Hungarian professor Hans Selye, then living in Montreal, introduces society to the concept of “stress” — the first notable by-product of faster living. Appearing just eight years after the introduction of the McDonald’s and four years after the world’s first passenger jet flight, stress began its […]

Leno and Simpson


by Michael Tchongon December 1, 2013
Rodney King’s 1991 beating was a watershed moment in modern history. Not only was it groundbreaking because police violence was captured on video, but it also helped propel a new Ubertrend, Voyeurgasm, which points to a future where just about everything will be captured by digital cameras or camcorders. Since then, an explosion in high-profile […]

Under Armour39

by Michael Tchongon November 29, 2013
Once Nike jumped into the market, it was only a matter of time for other sportswear manufacturers to join the wearables market. Under Armour has now introduced its Armour39 wearable, which promises to improve your willpower. The Armour39 tracks critical performance measures such as heart rate, intensity, calories burned and, ostensibly, willpower in real-time, which […]

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