“The successful companies of tomorrow will address the changing business and consumer values of today.”

Michael believes that the innovators of tomorrow will address the changing business and consumer lifestyles of today. Always pushing the innovation envelope, Michael is a leading advocate of better digital tools and simple, easy-to-use customer experiences. The rapid growth of digital marketing and technology around the globe has made Michael a sought-after catalyst to advance both ecosystems.


Michael Tchong precedes his talks with a trademark saying: “I help you catch the next wave before it catches you.” Michael has caught many waves. Four of his start-ups helped pioneer such sweeping trends as desktop publishing, CRM, internet research and digital marketing.


Michael is the founder of MacWEEK and ICONOCAST, each creators of groundbreaking initiatives. ICONOCAST produced multi-million-dollar internet conferences, one starring basketball legend Dennis Rodman, another featuring a Broadway musical. MacWEEK debuted the first-ever digital artwork of noted artists Peter Max and Keith Haring.

Expert Marketer

Michael used the “ubercool” brand before “uber” was cool. Always ahead of the curve, his ICONOCAST startup hosted the most successful digital marketing conference, as measured by audience response and sponsorship revenue, Web Attack!, which featured such celebrities as Dennis Rodman, RuPaul and Cindy Margolis, the “most downloaded woman on the internet” (pictured here in the MyGeek.com booth).

People Watcher

Michael is the author of “Social Engagement Marketing”, which provides an easy-to-navigate reference guide to the world of social media marketing. His third book, “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future”, is due in late 2017.

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Loving Speaking, Loving Startups.

Michael Tchong Bio

Michael is the founder of Ubercool Innovation and a motivational speaker who specializes in trends and innovation. His speaking career was launched during the dotcom boom with the founding of ICONOCAST, an digital marketing media company. He has riveted audiences worldwide with inspirational insights into innovations, trends, social media and technology. His talks showcase brands that leverage trends in business and society, with an emphasis on massive market waves that are reshaping our culture, dubbed “Ubertrends.” Michael is the author of Social Engagement Marketing (PDF; 21MB), an expert guide to the world of social media.
Michael is the founder of Ubercool® Innovation, an incubator that helps companies shape-shift market sectors by leveraging next-generation technologies and user experiences.
Launched ICONOCAST — a media company devoted to internet marketing — by writing and editing a 50,000-circulation e-mail newsletter. Managed staff of 14 employees and added groundbreaking Web Attack! industry conference, attended by 950 people, and featuring the likes of Dennis Rodman, RuPaul and Cindy Margolis. ICONOCAST was created after CyberAtlas, a pre-eminent online market research site, was acquired by I/PRO (Internet Profiles Corp.) in May 1996. ICONOCAST was acquired by Imagine Media in January 1998.
In Spring 1991, Michael founded Atelier Systems, which focused on the growing category of “personal information managers” (PIM). After raising $1.2 million in venture capital, Atelier developed Hello, an innovative personal communication manager for the Macintosh, which featured an easy-to-use graphics user interface (GUI) and an extensible toolbar, features that would still be trendsetting today. As president of Atelier, Michael managed all phases of software development including manufacturing, distribution, marketing and customer service, plus a team of five engineers.

Founded and launched MacWEEK Magazine and built this weekly’s annual revenues from less than $500,000 to $18 million in just four years. In 1990, Ad Age named MacWEEK one of the 100 fastest-growing publications in America. Creatively solidified MacWEEK’s market position by inviting leading artists, such as Peter Max and Keith Haring, to create their first-ever artworks on the Macintosh. BusinessWeek reported that MacWEEK was the first U.S. weekly to produce four-color separations on the desktop. Ziff-Davis acquired the 30,000-circulation MacWEEK in 1988.
Adjunct Faculty, University of San Francisco School of Management, International and Executive Programs, San Francisco, CA; 2012-current
Innovation columnist at ReadWrite in San Francisco and FAST Company.

Why CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Marketers, Consumer Insights Executives and Event Producers Choose Michael

We live in an age that requires constant innovation. So providing tactical market insights for your audience is more critical than ever. Unlike most innovation speakers, Michael differentiates himself by practicing what he preaches. Ubercool Innovation uses the very innovation tools and techniques he discusses during his talks. If you need someone who fights in the same trenches as you do, look no further.

Leadership Competencies

Michael has an exceptional talent for breaking down strategies into tactical plans and processes to achieve aggressive business goals while boosting ROI. His established ability to lead cross-disciplinary teams to achieve project objectives and meet tight deadlines is legend. Michael’s collaborative management style relies on results-driven and innovative approaches to problem-solving. He is also a strong believer in TQM. His proven faculty for resourceful thinking produces successful outcomes while building strategic alliances. His superior grasp of technical, marketing and media issues, due to an extensive experience in electronic publishing, digital marketing and all aspects of social media marketing, plus substantial conference production experience with events boasting nearly 1,000 attendees, underscore his qualifications as a superb management consultant and speaker.

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Michael’s background in advertising, media and digital startups lends him a unique perspective and vision of the future. He’s recognized as one of the great forward thinkers of the digital age.