Michael Tchong

Voyeurgasm: Jessica Simpson and Jay Leno

Rodney King’s 1991 beating was a watershed moment in modern history. Not only was it groundbreaking because police violence was captured on video, but it also helped accelerate an Ubertrend, Voyeurgasm, which points to a future where just about everything will be captured by smartphones, action cameras or UHD camcorders. Since then, an explosion in high-profile events have been captured …

Casual Living: The Evaporation of Decorum

Michael Tchong

A passenger was removed from a plane at La Guardia Airport after creating a commotion that started with him shouting “Don’t say, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ” to a flight attendant. In Santa Clarita, California this incredible case of road rage was captured on video: “Aggressive driving” first reared its ugly head during the 1990s, a decade that saw the number of cars …

Time Compression

Michael Tchong

FedEx plane

Engineer Percy Spencer at defense contractor Raytheon notices something peculiar. While testing a new vacuum tube, called a magnetron, a candy bar melts in his pocket. Intrigued, Spencer places some popcorn near the tube and watches in awe as kernels begin popping all over his lab counter. And so the microwave oven is born. Raytheon engineers quickly refine Spencer’s discovery …


Michael Tchong

When the Zenith Space Command remote control went into production in 1956, few could have predicted that this ultrasonic gadget would be the catalyst for a whole new era of wireless devices, and the birth of the couch potato generation. Zenith’s ultrasonic technology has been replaced by infrared or radio frequency-controlled remotes that boast color touch-sensitive screens, internet connectivity, system …